Reacting to Digital Marketing Trends

Most people with access to electronic devices are becoming ever more dependent on them for everything like being woken up, being motivated to go exercise, scheduling, budgeting, banking, social interaction, entertainment, shopping etc. It’s important for businesses to recognize that electronic devices have become people’s extensions of themselves. When it comes to marketing, they should focus more on marketing targeted to electronic device users. It’s important for them to do their research and develop useful apps that mobile users can access easily to be able to see and buy the products and services that the business offers.

With the ability to buy products online, more and more people are going the convenient route and buying products online and having things delivered right to their door. Businesses should also recognize this trend and should make their products and service online-shopper friendly. They should have as much information about their products and services available on the internet with comparison prices and should even have discounts or special coupons available to reward repeat customers for their loyalty or to entice new customers by giving freebies. They should also encourage happy clients and customers to take a few minutes of their time to do a review of their products and services. If what they provide is great quality, their customers will give great reviews which others who are looking to buy those types of services and products will see and be encouraged and will be confident to buy the business products and services because of the great reviews.

A picture or videos are worth a thousand words. People are not only addicted to Facebook, they’re probably also addicted to watching YouTube videos or looking at their Instagram feed. Use that to your business advantage by embracing the use of high quality and resolution imagery and videography in your marketing. The trend is all about being visual and as-it-happens at that exact moment visual. You will constantly have to update your videos and images on different platforms to keep up with the visually-hungry and demanding target audience. This might mean doing it on a daily or weekly basis depending on your industry. If you’re in the entertainment industry, for example, this can mean daily or hourly updates.

People are not as ad-friendly as before. Of course, it depends on what kind of advertising it is. There are a lot of annoying and pushy ads like banners, pop-ups, and interruptive advertisements. If you do use these types of ads, make them few and far between this year. Make them really interesting and as meaningful as possible for the audience to forgive you for interrupting them. It’s important for businesses to advertise using new strategies having short, clever, cheeky, and meaningful advertisements. They can take advantage of social media platforms for example and make their own business page on social media. It’s free advertising and the more people like your products or services, the more popular you become and if people “like” you on their social media pages or give a shout out to your business, you’ll become a very popular and trusted business. You won’t have a shortage of clients.

You can also take advantage of SEO marketing services like at to make your website pages number one on search engines. People are less inclined to look at page two, three, or four on search engines but are more likely to click on a business that’s on the front page. Having SEO services can help you achieve the needed results you require to get on the front page and be visited by many potential customers and clients.

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