Marketing Tips

Marketing has evolved enormously during the last few years. Digital facilities have enabled a whole new World of opportunity for you and us to find specific markets for new prospects and clients, highly targeted markets; tools that allow us to track our efforts and the return on investment for every move we make. Campaigns are instant, which is something we didn’t have the luxury of in times past. Everything is better macro and micro-managed thus allowing you to fine-tune your business like never before.

However, for successful Internet marketing, it is essential that you grasp the fundamentals of the business. That means locating the right clients in the right places and at the right time. Only when you build trusting relationships with prospects and customers alike, will your business be in a position to flourish.

Here are six aspects that help to provide some foundation stones for a solid Internet marketing business.

  1. Without traffic, you’re going to get nowhere – fast. Traffic is the lifeblood for your website, and there are many ways to generate traffic online. There’s paid inorganic traffic or free organic traffic. Adwords, Adsense, affiliate marketing, content marketing, banner ads, solo ads, search engine optimization, and so on.
  2. A website marketing page, also known and a squeeze, or landing page, has but one function… to capture reader’s email address. However, you must give something of value in return, and that something is commonly some information that goes a little deeper into what your reader, or watcher – if your content is a video – has read or watched. There should be nothing else on it; just a single page. The only exception to this is a small list of items that lists the benefits of giving their details to you.
  3. Nothing speaks louder and more positively for your product or products than a happy customer. Politely ask your customers if they’d be happy and willing to write a reference or testimonial for you, and you are happy to include a link to their personal website in the testimonial you provide.
  4. Give! Give value by offering your prospects something enticing. You need to create a unique and exciting gift that will bring dimension into their life. Try to be creative – away from the crowd and what everyone else offers. Reinventing the wheel is not easy. So perhaps you can put a fresh new spin on something already done; your own perspective to demonstrate another angle is always welcome.
  5. Trusting relationships. The old days of push marketing are long gone. Now it’s about developing, building, and propagating relationships with our prospects and clients… relationships built on trust. And to gain trust means exactly that, developing a relationship that fulfills a common purpose. Find out people need, want, desire, and crave, and then formulating programs that bring those things to them.
  6. Guarantees…. By providing guarantees, it can sometime be further evidence of your willingness to build trust. Back to back testing has shown that guarantees are not always guaranteed to be better for your online business, though, so as with everything else do split, A/B, or back-to-back testing.

It has grown at an alarming rate, far faster than the Industrial Revolution… the Internet revolution has quickly become a machine of power that provides a means of highly accurate segmenting for advertisers. Your campaign can be fine-tuned more than ever before, and that means one thing – more satisfied clients, and better results.

Don’t stop at yourself, though. Why not get offline and out to local business in your area? The online World provides opportunities, the benefits of which can be demonstrated to the offline World too. Yes, ultimately we make a living from selling, but it is only selling based on having built those all-important relationships first, and then selling only what our client want, NOT what we think they want.