Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing is essentially a form of marketing which leverage on the opinion leaders and their influence to reach out to a larger market via their social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat. Amongst the various social platforms available in Singapore, Instagram proves to be the future of social media networks. According to Google Trend, Twitter has been overtaken by Instagram, which is now the second most popular social media network in Singapore. Singapore, as a regional leader in mobile internet penetration, further prompts businesses to utilise mobile technology and application to create impactful marketing strategy.

Reach: This step is about finding the available influencer and accessing the information distribution channel. Influencer has his or her own expertise, which their followers value a lot. And these followers trust recommendations from a third party more often than a brand itself. 27 So endorsements from related influencer would function as a review of the product rather than a simple advertisement, which most followers regards as little or no credibility. In general, people who followed the influencer share their field of interest. Therefore, they are more likely to purchase the product. Landing on a proper influencer will support the brand to lock in their target customer group.

There are full service social media agencies with the large and exclusive influencer networks (worldwide). One such Influencer Marketing Agency is known for creating compelling content that influencers share in the most organic way possible. Through their creative vision and influencers, they are able to deliver your brand’s message across all of the popular social media platforms. They also offer full tracking and analytics.

But before we get started on your amazing new Influencer Marketing project, we’d like to offer you a free review (yes, really!). This will allow us to get an excellent scope of your business and build a plan of how best to achieve your goals. If you like our ideas, we’ll detail the next steps and pricing information.

Developing a network of social influencers, bloggers, and websites helps you access new customers and drive sales. We develop comprehensive influencer campaigns that reach new consumers, and spread brand awareness within targeted online communities. By analyzing search rankings, traffic and user demographics, our customized strategies ensure that your brand has a voice in the influencer communities that matter most.

Also, establishing positive relationships gives brands the opportunity to create a valuable feedback loop from trusted voices. These influencers will be advocating for the brand digitally and in real life, offering word-of-mouth recommendations and living the lifestyle that the brand views as authentic to their voice. Similar to how brands have sponsored athletes, you’ll see sponsorships arise in many different categories within consumer-facing products.

Provide context of value. There needs to be longevity and a reason for the consumer to engage beyond one interaction with influencer content. This can be done by extending a coupon, a landing page or a piece of content. Create ways for your consumer to continue to engage with your brand.

As its full name indicates, Everywhere Social Media and Influencer Marketing Agency focuses on creating campaigns promoting brands through social media, often leveraging the power of influencers for content distribution. As well as influencer marketing they provide services in social media strategy, community management, content strategy, social event marketing, social media ad planning and social media consulting.

Grapevine is YouTube centric and geared for brands and agencies. They work with YouTube channels who possess a minimum of 10,000 subscribers and who upload consistent content. Grapevine has their own analytics engine to help you find the most popular influencers. The influencers are offered product packages in exchange for reviews.

With almost half of the future generation aged 16-24 years old in Singapore displaying trust in what people say online, the benefit of Instagram influencer marketing is amplified. Following the buy-over from Facebook and the constant improvements including the implementation of stories – allowing social sharing and influencer marketing to become more engaging and personal, businesses can be assured that this form of interaction will become much more effective and abled at reaching out to a wider targeted market. It is predicted that future of Instagram is one of great potential and would soon become an upcoming highly sought after influencer marketing platform with high number of quality reach.

A good influencer marketing agency hand-picks their influencers in order to match their clients with the proper content marketer. ApexDrop takes this even further by implementing a vigorous vetting process to assure only the most outstanding fashion bloggers, pet celebrities and micro-influencers can represent your brand.