Email Marketing

No business will ever be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overlook the pursuit of perfection. Information products are in big demand these days,  and there’s no evidence to suggest the trend may be otherwise.


Your creations can be developed in numerous ways, but in this article, I’ll  show you how to use your opt-in subscriber mailing list to build as good and compelling a product as you possibly can.


  1. Ask questions. What are the problems your subscribers get bogged down with? What’s slowing them down? Don’t shy away from asking pertinent questions.


Yes… you’re supposed to be the expert, so you can enhance your standing in this respect by drilling down into what’s stopping your business partners and friends from making the progress they need to.


By knowing the precise aspects of their business that hold them from advancing, you will be able to make better, more informed judgments about what to develop for them. This is acute and valuable research.


  1. Field a survey. Survey forms are ideal to get a feel for the direction in which your subscribers wish to be taken. In one of your emails, you could include a link to a web page that supports a script for a survey, complete with a drop-down menu and multi-choice questions. Offer a free incentive or gift for everyone who takes the time to complete your survey.


  1. Ask what their biggest obstacle is. When you know what the biggest obstacle of any one subscriber is, you have part of a ready made product at your fingertips.


All you need to do is elaborate on a single-sentence answer, add 10-20 more similar question and answer feeds, and you’ll have product-in-waiting.  Transcribe to media of your choice.